Radiography has a very important place for dental and oral health. Dental radiology assists dentists in diagnosing problems in the teeth and jaw.

With dental radiography, caries, bone loss and problems in the root canal, which cannot be noticed in the examination, can be easily detected. X-rays also assist dentists in orthodontic treatment and implant placement.

Dental Tomography

Dental tomography is a radiological diagnosis method that provides cross-sectional examination of the desired area using x-rays. With the Dental Tomography image, bone and soft tissue details that cannot be seen in panoramic x-ray films can be easily seen. It provides a great convenience in the diagnosis of the physician by giving a three-dimensional image.

Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic x-ray is a type of tomographic x-ray in which all teeth and jawbone are viewed together with less radiation. It is used to show the parts of the teeth, bones and gums that are not visible with clinical examination. The use of the digital system increases the image quality and significantly reduces the amount of radiation received by the person.

Intraoral Camera

With the camera used in intraoral examination; From caries to fillings, bridges and crowns, all teeth can be seen in detail by the patient and the physician. Thanks to the system that the patient and the physician see through the screen, the teeth are examined in all details and diagnosis and treatment are made.