Your smile is one of the most important indicators that reflect the mood of the person and affect the mood. One of the most important factors when designing a smile is age.

This design is an application that aims to obtain a beautiful smile with lips, teeth, aesthetically befitting the person. It is applied in a more practical way with changing technology and digital systems.

Golden Rules for the Perfect Smile?

In order to have a perfect aesthetic smile, the tooth structure and alignment should be smooth and there should be no overlap. The upper teeth should be highlighted and more prominent than the other teeth. The teeth should be sparkling and there should be no staining. Lip and gingiva should be compatible with each other. The alignment of the tooth structure should be compatible with the face.

What Details Should Be Considered While Making Aesthetic Smile Design?

Patient satisfaction can be seen as the first step. Before starting the treatment, the patient is interviewed, what he is complaining about, and why he is uncomfortable while laughing. Accordingly, a plan is made and treatment begins. While performing the smile design process, attention is paid to the lip structure, the length of the teeth, the gingival characteristics and the harmony of the lips and teeth.

Is Face Shape Important in Smile Design?

Of course it is important. Teeth are a whole with face and smile. In order for this integrity to exist, the tooth structure and face shape must be in harmony. It is important in sex to achieve an aesthetic smile. Because while women make more delicate oval teeth, men have more angular teeth.

Which Privileged Treatments Are Used in Smile Design?

1-) Whitening time may vary. The tone can be opened with an average of 40 minutes. Whiteness can be preserved for up to 1 year by paying attention to the eating habits of the person to protect the tooth.

2-) Porcelain laminates are adhered to the teeth. It is possible to achieve a white aesthetic smile with the use of laminate.

3-) Zirconium is a widely used technique. Since zirconium is a light-transmitting metal, it is effective in giving an aesthetic appearance. It is necessary to consult a specialist physician while performing these applications.

4-) In the orthodontic technique, porcelain brackets are applied and the crooked tooth structure is treated.

5-) In implant treatment, missing teeth are completed. The tooth is given an aesthetic appearance.

What is the Timeframe of the Treatment Period?

The duration of treatment may vary within a single day or between 2-15 days depending on the patient's dental complaint and mouth structure.