Tooth crowding can cause significant physical and psychological problems in people's social lives. If the teeth are crooked in the mouth, the teeth cannot be cleaned easily, they rot more easily, the gums are easily infected and more tartar occurs. Crowding brings closing problems, sleep disorders and bad breath if it continues. It prevents individuals from smiling confidently and freely. Problems arise in social relationships. Wire therapy is not a treatment method that every individual can cope with. It is a very challenging method for patients in terms of aesthetics and comfort.

The latest technological state of crowding treatment is the -wireless- orthodontic treatment with transparent plaques. This treatment was first used in the USA in 1999.

Orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners can be applied in almost all cases of crowding. In fact, one of the creators of this method, professor of orthodontics, Prof. Dr. Tae-weon Kim explains in every presentation that every case can be resolved with this system. Dr. This technique of Kim has been approved by all orthodontic platforms.

Many dentists in our country approach this system with prejudice. Because people find it difficult to believe in new and easy technologies in the first place. Transparent aligners are the most preferred form of orthodontic treatment in Europe and America for years.

Stages of Crowding Teeth with Transparent Plaques

First of all, your oral examination by your dentist makes. If you have tartar or cavities in your mouth, they are treated. After the appropriate oral environment is created, your doctor takes the measurements of your lower and upper jaws (Transparent plaque treatment can be applied to that chin if you only need one chin). Your dentist obtains your jaw model from your measurements and transfers it to the computer environment with 3D scanning systems. After your dentist e-mails your mouth models on the computer to centers abroad, your teeth transferred to the virtual environment are moved by computer simulation and a plaque model is created with a 0.5-0.8 mm movement until your teeth are corrected. 1 transparent plaque falls every 7 days. So you are asked to change your plate every 7 days. Thus, the number of plaques, ie how many weeks you will need, is calculated until your teeth become the target, and a special treatment plan is created for you. The final state of your teeth is sent to your dentist as a model along with your plaques.

Your doctor gives you a plaque every week and you have to wear it for 18 hours a day.

The Advantages of Transparent Plaque Treatment

  • To have the patient watch the tooth and mouth structure that will emerge as a result of the treatment as a 3D simulation at the very beginning of the treatment process
  • If there is crowding in only one jaw (lower or upper), a single can be applied to the chin
  • With its transparent appearance, nobody notices it around the patient. There is no superior method in terms of aesthetics.
  • When using the plate, it does not cause any side effects on the voice and tone of voice, especially the voice and speech  The feature of being able to be used without any problems while working in the business lines where it gains weight
  • It is made of only one substance, no additives and non-allergenic material
  • The treatment period is considerably shorter than wire therapy,
  • < li>The patient can remove it at any time, so that it does not cause a change in eating habits
  • Fewer and shorter doctor's checkups
  • The cost is more economical than wire therapy, depending on the number of plaques
  • li>
  • Minimum or absence of pain in dental movements compared to wire treatment
  • Structural feature of plaques that are completely hygienic and do not require special care
  • Intra-cheek and intra-lip caused by wire treatment in the mouth
  • wounds do not occur in plaque treatment, they are compatible and friendly to the oral tissues, and thus increase the motivation of the patient.
  • In children, young people, adults and the elderly; In short, it can be applied at any age

Technology makes our lives easier day by day and provides us comfort in the light of our old basic principles. We wish you happy smiles with the hope that we can benefit from all healthy treatment methods with precise, beautiful solutions.